VNC® Open

Develop your own remote control applications

VNC Open is the original source code for the VNC open source project, available for general use under the conditions of the GNU General Public License. It enables developers to create remote control applications based on version 3 of the RFB® protocol.

VNC Open is a definitive reference implementation of the RFC 6143 Internet Standard for VNC. To get started, read the documentation.

Looking for something else?

If you want to integrate VNC technology based on version 4 of the RFB protocol into products and services, consult our SDKs page. RFB 4 is in active development, and implements numerous security and performance enhancements. In addition, professional quality SDKs and other tools facilitate rapid development.

If you just want market-ready VNC applications, our flagship product, VNC, enables you to quickly get connected and take control. VNC can be licensed to suit your requirements, from free basic remote control for non-commercial use to a robust, responsive, highly secure enterprise-class solution. Note it is recommended to remove VNC Open before installing VNC.